Hylaine Utilizes Internal Resources Amid Pandemic to Create New Program and Project Management Tool

December 15, 2020

Hylaine, a project-based technology consulting firm, recently announced the launch of its program and project management tool: Project Decisive. The new tool streamlines operations and provides a hub to increase visibility, encourage knowledge sharing, and standardize processes and decision making to better deliver services to Hylaine's clients. Project Decisive was created by the company's team of technical and delivery consultants using Hylaine's TRUST Agile delivery methodology.

The development of Project Decisive began in 2020 following the beginning of the COVID pandemic. Several members of Hylaine's delivery services team had conducted a thorough evaluation of existing project management tools and were challenged in identifying a tool that contained all the features they were seeking and found most of the options to be cost prohibitive. After significant back and forth, the team was on the verge of selecting a tool that met many, but not all, of its needs. Then the'COVID-19'pandemic'struck.

"In the early days of the pandemic, some clients had to pause their current initiatives which meant a few of our consultants didn't have projects to work on," said Ben Cole, Director of Delivery Services at Hylaine. "It was at that time we decided to utilize their talents to build our own internal project management tool. We are committed to client success through delivery efficiency and building our own tool enabled us to include features that provide transparency with results, share lessons learned, and incorporate repeatable process to align with our vision for success.

The Project Decisive tool provides additional value for Hylaine's clients by increasing operational efficiencies and improving overall project delivery.

Current key features include:

*     Simple and streamlined user interface with Single Data Repository to facilitate quick dashboard creation

*     Simple Organizational Level status rollup of all projects

*     Program Level Dashboard view for status, lessons learned, and resources across client engagements

*     Project level resource allocation

*     Lessons learned rollups grouped by Category, Client, Impact & Project - visible across the organization'

*     Configurable onboarding checklist to standardize and streamline onboarding for consultants

*     Configurable project checklists 'to standardize' project setup, kickoff, execution, and closure

*     Exportable milestone plans, status and risks

The company plans to continue development of the Project Decisive roadmap and may look to bring this tool to market in the future.    

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