Salesforce Challenges? A Custom Enhancement Project Could Be Your Answer

April 15, 2020

When utilized effectively, Salesforce is an extremely powerful tool. Unfortunately, we hear all too often about the challenges organizations and its users face with the platform. If you fall in that category, or if you just want to know more about the capabilities that exists within the platform, this article is for you. You'll find details about a recent Salesforce enhancement project we completed that improved user experience, created a more cohesive platform, and increased reporting capabilities to drive sales success.

The Scope of the Project

Since Salesforce has endless customization possibilities, we kicked off the project with an audit to understand how the team was utilizing the CRM. This allowed us to formulate a roadmap for the customization work that included:

Upon completion of the audit and roadmap, our development team went to work building a more comprehensive data layer by importing large amounts of custom data collected on clients and prospects into the system. This work also included the creation of new mandatory fields to accommodate the custom data imports. Steps were also taken to contain the possibility of data redundancy. Once established, page layouts and navigation across Salesforce were modified to create a seamless user experience. Throughout the process, our team conducted routine check-ins with key stakeholders to capture additional data requirements.

As with any CRM tool, users have the ability to measure KPIs (key performance indicators) and cull routine reports. While Salesforce comes with standard these templates, our team built additional, more sophisticated dashboards and reports. This provides the sales team and executive leadership with greater insight for business decisions and enables them to make necessary adjustments to strategy and effort.  

The next step was to integrate Salesforce and Microsoft Outlook so that emails, contacts, and calendar events would be automatically synced. This provided a seamless approach for data population within the system and allowed for more robust metrics reporting. As part of this customization, key stakeholder alerts were created within Salesforce. Now, each time a new opportunity is entered a notification email is automatically generated and sent to sales management. The company's Human Resource department also receives notification, so they are aware of potential staffing needs.  

In the final stages, workflows were created to automate the sales and delivery process with a backlog of notification feature requests. Once the new customization was thoroughly tested and approved, all users received training to increase their proficiency within the platform.  

Following this custom development, Salesforce has helped define processes and aligned departments across the organization to drive success. If your organization struggles with effectively utilizing and getting the most out of your CRM platform, let's discuss your customization opportunities.  

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