CEO Adam Boitnott featured on A Chat With Leaders Podcast

Adam Boitnott, Hylaine CEO, discusses his past experiences and how he used them to intentionally foster an egoless culture.

Adam W. Boitnott, CEO of Hylaine, is a proud Virginia Tech grad with a love for his family, a passion for technology, and an enthusiasm for sports. Adam recently celebrated 18 years of marriage to his rock-star wife, Dawn, and they have two incredible daughters, Hylton and Maclaine, who are the namesakes of Hylaine.

Fresh out of college, Adam dove into the IT field, finding success at Accenture & Avanade while living in Washington D.C., Seattle, and New York City. Southwest Virginia called him back home to be the Director of Group Services, Technology, and Administration at Shenandoah Life Insurance and, later, the Vice President of Strategy and Operations at NetVentures.

With over 20 years of technologically-driven experience under his belt, Adam took his IT talents to CTS in Charlotte, NC.  In a short 18 months, he grew revenue by 450% and more than doubled the client list. This was all while managing the delivery, sales, and financial reports for the company as well as creating a refreshing culture for his employees that was both exciting and empowering.

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  1. How have your past experiences shaped your intentionality as a leader to build your culture at Hylaine around the lack of ego?
  2. How do you evaluate whether or not you are personally living up to that expectation as the CEO as well as empower your team to hold one another accountable to that same standard?
  3. In what ways have you focused your team on acts of kindness and genuine expressions of compassion towards each other, your clients, and in the community during the pandemic?
  4. Amid the weight felt from the pandemic and variety of societal issues we’ve been facing, your team was awarded #1 best places to work by the Charlotte Business Journal. To what would you attribute this achievement?