Hylaine Announces Gift to Support Be the Rainbow Foundation

December 21, 2022

Today, Hylaine announced a meaningful gift to the Be the Rainbow Foundation, helping support families facing childhood cancer.

"All the gifts we receive are used to help alleviate various financial burdens that families experience, help support work done through established family support services at the hospital, and to help spread some joy and hope," said Jennifer Reynolds, Be the Rainbow Foundation Director.

Dawn Boitnott knows the support that Be the Rainbow Foundation brings to families is extraordinary. "Jennifer and her family have witnessed firsthand where there are needs and opportunities to help families while they help their child. Alleviating any burden, big or small, so the attention and energy can be spent on healing the child can be a huge blessing. Who better to help with that than a family who has lived through it themselves?"

Be the Rainbow Foundation was founded by the Reynolds family who fought alongside their youngest daughter, Charlotte, deep in the trenches of pediatric cancer, not once, but twice. Be the Rainbow Foundation is currently fundraising efforts and partnering with established organizations to identify families in need. Because of donations and support, Be the Rainbow has been able to help fund programs and offer direct support to families in dire need.

A pediatric cancer diagnosis has a beginning, and a middle, but no end. For families facing this crisis, the needs are immediate and span beyond the initial days of diagnosis and treatment. Families need support as they journey to heal their children. Join Hylaine in supporting the battle against childhood cancer with Be the Rainbow Foundation.

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