Hylaine Sponsors Girls Learning to Code Through Code Ninjas Cares

January 28, 2020

CHARLOTTE, NC - January 28, 2020

Hylaine, a software consulting firm in Charlotte, North Carolina, has partnered with Code Ninjas Ballantyne to sponsor three girls from Jay M. Robinson Middle School a full year scholarship through Code Ninjas Cares. These girls will have the opportunity to enhance their problem solving, STEM and critical thinking skills while having fun learning to code.

"Hylaine is dedicated to help bridge the gap between the number of male and female workers in computer science fields, and we believe that starts with our young students in our own community," explained Adam Boitnott, CEO of Hylaine. "With this particular scholarship I personally chose to sponsor girls from Jay M. Robinson because my own two daughters attended that school growing up."

Code Ninjas is the world's largest and fastest-growing kids coding franchise which teaches kids to code, through fun and engaging activities. Going through the program, eventually students will be able to create and publish their own app, learning different coding languages, programming robotics, and enhancing their problem solving and critical thinking skills along the way. Working with the owner of Code Ninjas Ballantyne, Anjali Dighe, Hylaine is sponsoring two girls in the Charlotte community through Code Ninjas Cares. The students chosen through an application process will begin attending Code Ninjas Ballantyne in February.

"Our team is excited to bring in these girls into our dojo to learn not just coding but skills that will help them in all areas of life growing up. We are all too aware of the lack of girls in STEM fields and are passionate about inspiring girls in our own community," shared Anjali. "I'm also particularly excited to do this with the help of Code Ninjas Cares, a charitable organization dedicated to teach all kids to code, regardless of their backgrounds."

Code Ninjas Cares is a 501(c)(3) organization based in Pearland, TX whose mission is that every child should learn to code. Code Ninjas Cares believes that there is nothing that changes the way people think more than learning how to code, and every child should have this opportunity. Through scholarships they intend to build kids' confidence to become creators, not just consumers of technology, and create the problem solvers of tomorrow. Learn more, www.codeninjascares.org

About Code Ninjas Founded in 2016, Code Ninjas?? is the world's largest and fastest-growing kids coding franchise, with more than 200 locations open across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. At Code Ninjas centers, kids learn to code while building their own video games. They gain problem solving, critical thinking, and STEM skills in a fun, safe, and inspiring environment. Kids have fun, parents see results??. For more information, visit codeninjas.com.

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