Hylaine Establishes Salesforce Practice Area

August 24, 2022

Hylaine, an IT Consulting Firm focused on trust, transparency, and high-quality delivery, has today announced the launch of a new Salesforce Practice offering. With the launch of this practice area, Hylaine is equipped to partner with current and future clients on complex salesforce efforts, including system design, data strategy, user interface and experience, and platform integrations.

This offering allows Hylaine to provide Salesforce transformations, customizations, and optimizations to meet clients’ critical needs. Hylaine’s approach is to develop dynamic solutions using best practices while creating solutions to make it easier for the End User and the Salesforce Administrator. This allows clients to use cleaner data, optimize processes, and produce meaningful reporting.

Hylaine’s Director of Architecture, Ryan McElroy, states,“Hylaine has always had consultants working with Salesforce at an intimate level, developing real-time and batch data pipelines to support work in the platform. However, we’ve seen too many multi-million dollar Salesforce projects run by single-skill vendors that have failed at almost every level.”

“We want to bring Hylaine’s approach to quality, customer focus, and technical acumen to Salesforce. So we’re investing in top-tier Salesforce consultants and running in-house training programs to acquire certifications and practical Salesforce development skills.

“Salesforce is a massive player in the market, and Hylaine's increased focus on a Salesforce practice will enable our clients to leverage their investment to become even more customer centric.”

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